We asked Helen Marriage of Artichoke, London for her thoughts on the magic of winter:

  1.      What do you look forward to most about the winter season in your city?  

Snow, when there is some.  Doesn't always happen!

2.       How does your city or community celebrate and/or embrace the winter season?  

There are all kinds of winter activities in London - ice rinks, decorations, light festivals, and chestnut sellers emerge onto the streets!

3.       What is your favourite winter beverage?  

Mulled wine, iced vodka or hot chocolate.

4.       What is your favourite winter city destination?  


5.       How would you describe winter to someone who has never experienced it?

Colder, darker and shorter than you can imagine.

6.       What are you most looking forward to about the Winter Cities Shake-Up Conference?  

New ideas and new people!