Bojan Mandaric of the November Project had these awesome things to say about winter life:

1. What do you look forward to most about the winter season in your city?

Working out in the cold weather, rolling in the snow, creating long lasting memories. As adults, we forget how much fun we had as kids playing in the cold. We would stay out sledding, tobogganing, ice-skating, until our extremities went numb or ur parents called us in. Now we have a chance to relive those moments with our "grown-up" friends and its as magical as it was back then. 

2. How does your city or community celebrate and/or embrace the winter season?

November Project cherishes cold weather. We cosntantly talk about how our tribe is weatherproof, how our workouts never get canceled for the weather, so when the cold days roll in, we embrace them with excitement. The colder and snowier it gets, the more excited our members are, as they are earning badges of honour for being out when most of the city is tucked into their warm bed sheets. 

3. What is your favourite winter beverage?

An IPA beer. 

4. How would you describe winter to someone who has never experienced it?

Winter is the time of the year that many despise but few love and cherish. I love the feeling of the cold brisk air filling up my lungs on every inhale and seeing the white cloud of steam exiting my mouth on the way out. I truly enjoy going for a long walk or a run through the snow covered trails feeling the crunch under my shoes. During winter, we get to experience - without any human influence - water turning from liquid to solid before our very eyes, and that's amazing!

5. What are you most looking forward to about the Winter Cities Shake-Up Conference?

Hearing and sharing thoughts and ideas about motivating more people to enjoy winter and all the wonderful things it has to offer in our respective communities.