We're very excited to have Berlin-based lighting architect, Sabine De Schutter, joining us in just over a week for Winter Cities Shake-Up. Her intriguing session will turn our notions of winter lighting on their heads as she champions the potential of designing a nocturnal environment.

Check out our one-on-one with Sabine below!

1. What do you look forward to most about the winter season in your city?

What I especially like about Berlin, is the outdoor life and that there are people outside despite the cold. There are a lot of markets, from food, to very originally themed markets and events, even in winter.

2. If you could do one thing to improve winter life in your city or community, what would it be?

It would be great if there could be an inspiring lit park where you can run and walk after dark. I like to go for runs even when it’s cold and I don’t like running in the streets, as most parks are closed after dark or unlit. And running at a track is just boring. It would change my options from just running on the weekends in winter, to also running in the evenings.

3. What is your favourite outdoor winter activity; what makes you want to get outside when it’s below zero?

There are so many activities! As mentioned above, I like to run, but also keep on riding my bike thought the city, it just should not be too icy. But the lakes freeze then that’s my season’s highlight! Then I can go ice-skating in nature.

4. What is your favourite winter city destination and why?

Besides Berlin, the place where I live, there is not directly a winter destination I could think of that is my absolute favorite. I’ve lived in cities like Barcelona, Zürich and Antwerp and they all have their particular winter vibe and bits I loved. This year I’ll be going to Amsterdam for example, to visit the light festival.

5. How would you describe winter to someone who has never experienced it?

Seeing your breath as a cloud of smoke.

6. What are you most looking forward to about the Winter Cities Shake-Up Conference?

I think it’s going to be a very inspiring mix of talks. Shedding light on a wide range of topics that involve winter.

Sabine's talk, "Design the Nightscape – Shaping Darkness", is part of our plenary session on Making Cities More Livable in Darkness on Friday, February 16, 2017. Did you know that individual plenary tickets are now on sale for $65 each? Sign up to snag your ticket if you can't join us for the full conference!

You can follow Sabine on Twitter at @sabine_ds.